17th century castle with sea view for sale in Var

From Administrative Road No. 559, not far from Tassi Stadium, a huge private property that captivates Her Majesty.

Access is via a huge entrance gate where you can see the caretaker’s home. A long lane drawn in the middle of six hectares of vineyards leads directly to the castle whose architecture has, over the centuries, adapted the neoliberal style with elements drawn from the spirit of the Renaissance.

More than 5.2 million euros

This unusual residence is in the grounds of Var, a stone’s throw from the coast, and consists of two floors flanked by two towers. It will find its origin, as shown on the city’s tourist office website, in the Seigniory of Carqueiranne in the 17th century.

Those who dream of being the king of the vineyards, owning a sealed vineyard in Côte de Provence, local wines, Cinsaut, Grenache, Ugni Blanc, Syrah or Alicante Bouschet grapes will have to pay a tidy sum to acquire the property.

For 1,000 square meters of living space, with 50 rooms, 15 bedrooms, the agricultural part, several outbuildings of the estate and an ingenious system of greenhouses on the rails that are still visible, just like a highly decorative metal greenhouse at the bottom of the East Tower, displays Ads over 5.2 million; i.e. specifically €5,210,000 (excluding notary costs, registration and declaration of land). The sale to us was also confirmed by several sources.

Property of Charles Richet

Named “château Richet,” the stunning building was purchased by the Richet family in 1873. By succession, physician and physiologist Charles Ritchie became the owner. Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1913 Working on anaphylaxis (anaphylaxis), the master of the place in 1887 would acquire another similar exceptional property. He purchased an island of 16 hectares between Porquerolles and the Jeans Peninsula: the Grand Repo Island, which passengers can see when leaving the pontoons of the Fondo Tower.

The man is a jack of all trades. Author, poet, philosopher and psychologist, he is curious about everything, starting with the human being. His racist remarks also led to the 2015 renaming of the geriatric hospital that bore his name in Val d’Oise.

Passionate about technology and aviation, in 1896-1897 he built buildings north of Carqueiranne Castle in order to fulfill, with his friend, French engineer Victor Tatin, a crazy dream: to build an airplane. This flying gem participated in the beginnings of the adventure of flying by flying a hundred meters from the point of Bennu.