Bugatti Cristiano Ronaldo crashes into a house (video)

It’s the holidays but as we’ve seen his social networks, Cristiano Ronaldo He does not intend to rest much and is already preparing for next season. With Manchester United, which is a rarity, the Portuguese finished the 2021-2022 financial year without the slightest title. He has authored 24 goals in all competitions and still scores quite a few but the Red Devils’ workforce was definitely not living up to his expectations. But there is more to life than football and This Monday, the news could have turned into a real drama.

straight into the wall

This Monday morning, around 11am, Cristiano Ronaldo’s car, a Bugatti worth 2 million euros, had an accident, and it ended up in a house.. It happened in a suburb of Mallorca. In the latest news, the Portuguese star was not in the car but the person driving it was one of his employees. According to the police, the car was traveling on Al-Zeina Street before it veered off the road and crashed into the front door of a house. Gas (butane) cylinders around the property were also destroyed and thus could have been more dangerous. The occupants of the car quickly left the scene after the accident, and police patrols in the area prompted several neighbors to approach the scene.

Internet users interact

on social networks, Netizens have commented in droves on photos and facts related to Cristiano Ronaldo’s employee. And so we were able to read the following on the web:

  • “In debt until his last days, the poor servant…”
  • “I would like to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s employee and he told me that in the streets with Bugatti, there must have been dark stories like girls lol”
  • “Mdrrrr that’s what it’s like when you leave your car to anyone… Football stars trust men so much, it would be cheaper for them to buy their butler a little Volkswagen Polo and such less risky, less capricious but no, he wants to be smart, dignified and courteous. smart…at home lol”
  • “When you don’t know how to drive, you stay home and watch Netflix or drive a Clio…”
  • Poor guy, he’s going to get ripped off by CR7 unless he tells him tkt I’ll buy another tomorrow which seems to be the real answer…

Cristiano Ronaldo, according to the latest information, should stay at Manchester United, but he would like to have a bigger team with better players to play in the top positions in the future. But the Champions League without CR7 would be a real change…

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