Can I rent my main residence during the vacation period?

Even if it means getting away from home for the holidays, why not rent it out? It’s totally possible and simple within a certain time and by completing certain actions! With the approach of summer holidays, many owners choose this solution to generate additional income, finance business, pay utilities, etc.

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It is quite possible to put your house or apartment, that is, the housing that you occupy at least 8 months in a year, for rent during your vacation. In this case, the main residence is considered a furnished residence. to can rent your home, you must meet three conditions: the rental housing must be for the exclusive use of the tenant, where the tenant lives there for a short period and the latter does not make it his home. Be aware, you can only rent within 90 days per customer. Likewise, if the accommodation is part of a condominium, you should check that the condominium regulations do not prohibit furnished tourist accommodation!

Renting Your Home: Necessary Steps

In general, in Hauts-de-France, you do not need to declare this rent at the town hall. However, it will ask you Request your registration in the Sirene Directory from INSEE. Free of charge, this procedure is carried out through the Commercial Court Registry at the place of the rented residence using “Announcement of the start of the activity”. The rental income must then be declared under the category “Industrial and Commercial Profits”.

rent contract Writing is mandatory in the context of seasonal rent. If you are using an internet platform, it is your duty to inform you of all your obligations. Finally, remember to contact your insurance company to ensure that your contract covers damage that vacationers may cause.

Different ways to find a tenant

for Looking for a tenant During the holidays, there are many sites such as or, but there are also specialized platforms that offer you certain guarantees for a commission: Airbnb, Abritel, Booking, amivac…. The local real estate agencies It is also an effective way to find a tenant.

Why not exchange instead of rent? Exchanging your home for vacation (web article link delivered in the S20) is not a rental or subletting. This concept, friendly and original, is attracting more and more people.

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