Emmanuel Mariel (Airbnb): ‘We’re rediscovering Rivne’

Since the COVID-19 crisis, a powerful trend has begun: the French are rediscovering routine. Jean-Paul Chapel’s guest on Wednesday, Emmanuel Mariel, Airbnb’s general manager for Europe said:We rediscover the countryside, rediscover our countryside, its spirituality, its heritage too, and vOld buildings, and their old dwellings, which make the charm of our lands”. The mountains and the sea stand out this summer, but so are the… festivals. “Festivals because they come back, they are poles of attraction, I think of Clisson for example with Hellfest”. With 400,000 people expected, this mineral festival near Nantes, according to Emmanuel Mariel, will benefit the entire Loire Atlantic region. In this sense, the latter invites owners to rent out their accommodation during the festival period (and not just for Hellfest). This would make it possible to round off at the end of the month: “Last year in FranceAnd the The average host earns 3800 euros, which is not a rolling amount” Says the general manager of Airbnb Europe.

Average hides the differences between who makes it his job or not:There are people who will make a little speculation, and there are also people who will go out and rent their second homes for much of the year.” Explains Airbnb’s general manager for Europe. For vacationers, if Emmanuel Marill notes that there is an economic recession, he notes that there will be all prices on Airbnb with very diverse offers, from the “exotic” to the most luxurious. According to him, consumers will also be protected from unpleasant surprises by the platform through customer feedback on their experience: “The more travelers in a place of residence, the lower the rating..

If income received by hosts must be declared before taxes are imposed, Emmanuel Mariel also addressed the issue of taxes paid by Airbnb in France. According to him, the Airbnb platform pays all the taxes it must pay but is also subject to the GAFA tax, which was introduced at the instigation of the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire. However, Airbnb’s European general manager declines to comment on the exact numbers, as the company is listed. Before the second round of the legislative elections, the platform in any case worked with the government to encourage vacationers who will leave at the weekend for power of attorney: “We’ll look a little bit if he encourages people to vote, we’ll see.”.