Fixed. In Dorme Ardesh, the student rental market is experiencing a revival

With the summer period approaching, students and their families will be busy searching for property for rent for the year 2022-2023. However, according to François Vasallo, director of the real estate agency De Maison Pierre in Valencia and Romain-sur-Isère and vice-president of the National Real Estate Federation (FNAIM) Drôme-Ardèche, “It is a market that we lost a little bit in traditional real estate agencies in favor of student housing development. At the time, we rented Rooms and studios.Today, we have a few apartments, small accommodations, but a lot of student housing has been built.Students have a reaction to resorting to this type of accommodation.These residences often provide additional services: laundry, breakfast, parking cars, etc.

Despite everything, with nearly 10,000 students in Valencia, applications remain active, especially since the school year is almost over.

Demand is growing in Valencia

“The number of students in Valencia has grown significantly in recent years. We have more and more of them, especially due to the decentralization of many campuses of the University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA) within the city”, explains Carol Arnaud, director of leasing at the real estate agency Orpi Happy Dev in Valencia .

However, the market has developed in recent years. Romain Sadek, director of European Agency adds: “We saw a sudden rise in flat shares after Covid, but this phenomenon has subsided with rents for shared rooms equal to rents for studios. Today, young people want to find themselves a little at home, without roommates. … “It is not necessarily easy to manage a turn for covid realtors eager to offer these housing solutions, and more anxiety now fails to fill their flatmates.

“In Valencia, students with small purchasing power aim for an apartment of 25 square meters with a terrace or small balcony for around 460 euros. Others are content with 15 square meters for about 360 euros. Rents for small spaces have increased by about 10% in recent years Roman Sadiq notes. The city center, in full boom and close to all amenities and lively places, is the most popular area for students. He asserts that “there is also the whole sector that provides many accommodations for students, but the distance from the places of celebration is more important.”

The most secret market in Montelimar

In Montélimar, the Nursing Training Institute (IFSI) attracts the most students. “The search is focused between mid-June and mid-August, primarily for furnished accommodations from studios to one-bedroom apartments, near IFSI, downtown, or even in neighboring cities,” stated Michael Vialon, Director of Real Estate Agency Century. 21 Portes de Provence in Montelimar. But the latter admits that “it is a market where there is not a large number of real estate. First come, first serve.”

In contrast to Valencia, it has been a relatively new phenomenon for a year: “More and more young people are looking for roommates. Thus, this responds to the offer of some investors who are betting on this type of real estate “, confirms Michael Vialon. In the city of Montélain, monthly rents fluctuate between €350 and €550, as explained by the director of the Century Agency: “For a studio, the price for a studio varies between €350 and €450, depending on the area, condition and surface. For T2, rents can range from €450 to 550 euros per month, depending on the same criteria.According to the 2021 survey on student housing in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes by, a site specializing in rent and shared accommodation for individuals, the average budget for a student in the region is 605 euros, It is close to the French average (€603).

In Ardesh, the demand for students is low

In Tournon-sur-Rhône, Matthias Gillard, director of the city-based agency Immobilier MG, says: “The demand for student rental is very low. However, people who want to rent seasonally in the summer can be allowed to rent their property over 9 to 10 months. , from September to June, for students, thus increasing their rental earnings. »

In Annonay, Philip Gein, director of the Annonay Immobilier Agency, has a few student tenants on his profile to whom he rents furnished studios. But again, the market is weak.

On the Aubenas side, the agricultural high school Olivier de Serres generates many people from outside the Ardèche, just as the various high schools of higher education drain the entire economic basin of the South Ardèche. Véronique Roche, director of the Loka Résidence in Aubenas, purchased over 20 years ago a building with rooms and common areas, intended to accommodate people with limited resources. After rehabilitating the building, she wanted to preserve this concept and develop a student-oriented connection. “At the time, this type of rental didn’t really exist in Ubinas,” she explains. The residence now comprises eight studios, a one-bedroom and six-bedroom apartment. “The rooms still rent out well,” she notes.

It is necessary to calculate between €200 and €230 per month (fee included) for a room and €300 for an apartment (excluding fees). Loka Résidence also provides a laundry service and free internet.

Student housing: different requirements

Students do not seem to have any particular requests, other than primarily searching for furnished accommodations, readily available. They especially want to be close to public transportation. Romain Sadek, director of Orpi Happy Dev Agency in Valencia, says a new trend has emerged in recent months with access to fiber becoming a major asset. Finally, many aspire to have a place to put a real office and workspace. »

For property owners, “the benefit of providing housing for students is that they will be able to take possession of their property quickly if necessary,” said François Vassalou, Vice President of FNAIM Drôme-Ardèche.

However, renting to students sometimes causes anxiety. “The student does not generally receive a salary. The landlords necessarily require a deposit or a guarantor,” warns Roman Sadek. They may also fear noise pollution in quiet accommodations.