For the American anti-abortion movement, the battle is now local

For some anti-abortion activists, the ultimate goal is to return to the Supreme Court in order to guarantee the same rights to fetuses as a person, which would amount to murder as a result of an abortion.

As they enjoyed their victory Friday after the Supreme Court ruling, abortion opponents promised to do everything they could to ensure that every US state banned the practice. Resolution Qualification ‘Historic victory for human rights’The movement’s supporters announced that they had entered a new phase centered on the local level. After the Supreme Court dismantled the constitutional right to abortion, every state now had freedom of choice.

But for other activists, the ultimate goal is to return to the Supreme Court to ensure that fetuses have the same rights as a person, which would amount to the crime of abortion. this New pro-life movement (Name given to anti-abortion activists, editor’s note)» Which begins by judging Marjorie Danenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony is not. “We are ready to launch an offensive to defend life in every legislature, in every state legislature, and in the White House,” did she say. The same echo from the March for Life group, which indicated in a press release that “Although it is a huge step in the right direction, the overthrow of Ro (See Wade, ruling that secured this right, editor’s note) It does not put an end to abortion.”

complete ban

Some of this work has already been done. Roughly half of states should ban or significantly restrict access to this measure—some laws even took effect almost immediately after a court decision. But other states, such as California, are going the opposite way, pledging to protect that right. For activists in favor of abortion access as for their opponents, the battle is now shifting in scope, to play in the courts or during local elections. The March for Life group immediately sent out a fundraising email to advance local efforts.

“To say we’re happy would be an understatement, but our work doesn’t stop there,” These activists commented. They noted efforts by the other side to try to secure federal legislation and White House executive orders to protect access to abortion. Marjorie Danenfelser has made it clear that her group is focusing on the midterm elections in November, where Republicans hope to regain control of the House and Senate. ‘Today’s decision raises risks’ Of these surveys, she said. But the movement sees much further, and would like to get from Congress or the Supreme Court a complete ban on abortion, on the grounds that a fetus has the same rights as a human being.

Throughout history, many groups have been unjustly deprived of their personal status by society and law. He said march for life. “Abortion is no different.” ‘We want to abolish the abortion’Americans United for Life. “The abortion issue will never be resolved until the Supreme Court has eliminated this moral scourge.” Another battleground: the abortion pill, which today accounts for half of all abortions in the United States. It’s easy to buy online, it reduces the scope of the ban – which the United States is well aware of. Kentucky and South Dakota recently banned mailing of these pills.