He donated his 260 square meter house to help poor families

This is the first time, in the five years I’ve been president of Secours Catholique, that I’ve seen a donation of this size reach.‘ rejoices Hervé Bonami, President of Catholic Relief Services in the Lower Atlantic (44). Indeed, Ker Coët is a luxury home of 260 sq m located in a wooded park of 900 sq m. The location is perfect, 200 meters from the beach and station Pornichet SNCF train, in Loire-Atlantique, a quarter-hour walk.

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This villa is not intended to bring great added value to its owners, Yves and Benedict Orio, but aims to become a vacation home for unsettled families, according to Actu.fr Pays de la Loire. The aim is to allow families who do not have the possibility to go on vacation to benefit from “Stay in an environment that reassures them» Develops Securus Head Catholic. But also to make them live collective experiences such as visits for example while ensuring individual spaces, starting in the summer of 2023, the date when the house should open its doors to unsettled families. A financial contribution will be requested from the families but it will depend on their resources.

The work is estimated at 500,000 euros

It is difficult to estimate the amount of accommodation, says Herve Bonami. However, according to the Figaro scale, the price per square meter is about 4,600 euros / square meter for a house in Burnett. Therefore, the value of the villa should not be less than one million euros. The development work is expected to be in the range of approximately €500,000. It is necessary to review the insulation of the house, repaint, plumbing. “We would also like to have access for people with reduced mobility.”, confirms the president of Secours Catholique. The association is looking for sponsors to fund the work.

The two-storey building will be organized into several studios with a kitchen area so that families can live independently while enjoying a communal dining room for 15 people. “This donation is not primarily heroic but above all devotion to an inner call to participation, justice and solidarity… It is the joy of allowing this place to give life and comfort to these true heroes, those who struggle in difficult physical and human environments to live with dignity in their ordinary lives.Explanation of generous donors.

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This home was a family property, acquired by Yves Orio’s grandparents in 1910. His family set up a family pension and then rented a small, affordable home during the holidays. So Yves Orio remains loyal to the projects set up by his family. Secours Catholique is also committed to ensuring that this property remains in the service of people in financial difficulty, for a period of at least 20 years.