Housing: How to Avoid Vacation Rental Scams? – Challenges

In March, two-thirds of French people who intended to leave this summer had not yet booked accommodations, according to a study by G2A Consulting. But now, with the summer holidays approaching, it can be hard to find a rental. However, there is no doubt in rushing into accommodation, with the risk of falling into a scam. Because like every year, several hundred Frenchmen will be besieged. “Since the beginning of the year, we have identified 200 reports related to seasonal rents,” says Morgan Bourne, a journalist at UFC-Que Choisir. A number that will gradually increase, especially this summer. Jean-Baptiste Boisseau, co-founder of Signal Arnaques, adds a site that allows Internet users to report a scam. However, scammers no longer operate in the same way We hope to lock up as many people as possible.

It used to be that vacation rental scams were more easily caught. Dream villa at a bargain price, non-existent residence … these technologies are now less used. “There has been a lot of communication about these scams, so internet users have been especially vigilant by checking, for example, the property’s location on Google Maps. Now, it is much more difficult to spot scams and worry about all kinds of accommodations,” he explains Morgan Purvin. Concretely, two types of scams have emerged in recent years.