In Paris, there are more Airbnb ads than classic ads

There are approximately 25,000 Airbnb accommodation listings in the capital. On the other hand, platforms that list long-term rental ads are less economical.

Despite the war between Airbnb and the mayor of Paris, the number of ads for apartments for rent on this platform is always higher than the number of ads for apartments for long-term rent. In fact, Inside Airbnb reports that there are 51,000 properties listed on the platform. Airdna claims there are 25,000 active Airbnb accommodations in the capital. Active means that at least one night has been rented in the past month.

By doing a quick search, we found that there are just over 10,700 properties for rent in Paris on SeLoger. We add that number to the number of rentals at PAP, another great classic rental site, which is around 6000. There are definitely duplicates between sites, so we hit a maximum of 16,700 long-term rental ads in the capital. In addition, a site like Moteurimmo, which lists ads posted on 45 different platforms (including Leboncoin, PAP, SeLoger, Bienici, ParuVendu, etc.), currently displays about 18,300 rental ads in Paris. Again, off 25,000 Airbnb properties.

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However, it appears that the policy of the mayor of Paris tends to reduce the number of Airbnb rentals. In 2017, Apur, the Parisian urban planning workshop, noted that there were 56,000 advertisements in Paris. The decrease is related in particular to the restrictions put in place by the Paris City Council, such as the obligation to carry a registration number.

Covid has had only a limited impact. In a study dating back to last October, Abor noted that: “In one year, between February 2020 and February 2021, the number of ads shown on Airbnb decreased by 2% in Paris.” Apur adds: “These slight declines in Paris and French cities show that most rental companies do not withdraw their advertisement(s) from the site despite the low activity. Thus, these data invite us to favor the hypothesis over a limited return on long-term rentals from Advertised in the press If we observe the trend over several years, we see that despite the crisis, the number of listings offered on Airbnb in 2020 and early 2021 is at a level equivalent to, or even slightly higher than in 2019.”

After this article was published, Airbnb wanted to post a right of reply (see below), noting that “the vast majority of ads in Paris are family accommodations rented for less than 50 nights a year.” However, according to Airdna data, far too many of the regularly listed listings show availability over the past 12 months for more than 120 days. For example, in the immediate vicinity of Ternes metro station in the 17th arrondissement, BFM Immo was able to note that out of a sample of 30 fully rented places, 18 of them had been available for rent on the Airbnb platform for more than 120 days. Over the past 12 months, According to Airdna data. Still in this sample of 30 ads, 12 of them even posted over 190 days in the past 12 months. It should be noted that the number of days available on the platform does not necessarily mean that these dwellings have been rented for those many days. However, Airdna estimated the average occupancy rate for all Airbnb accommodations in Paris at 88% last April (the number of days booked compared to the number of days available to rent over the past 12 months). BFM Immo contacted Airdna, which has not yet been able to respond to usAnd the For a more accurate estimate of the average number of days available on Airbnb for all ads in Paris.

Airbnb’s Right of Reply:

“This article, which is based on erroneous data and incorrect analysis, leads to inaccurate conclusions. The vast majority of advertisements in Paris are for family rental accommodation of less than 50 nights a year with the occasional absence of its occupants, and are, de facto, not intended for long-term rental Term Renting on Airbnb is a lifeline for thousands of low-income families, and the number of properties offered on our platform is negligible compared to the more than 700,000 occupied homes in Paris and 117,000 vacant homes in Paris Airbnb takes housing issues very seriously and works with the French government and cities to help them enforce Regulations about incidental rents”.