Live political news: Nupes introduces their bill to make abortion a constitutional right

Elizabeth Bourne begins consultations with an association under construction

a “Government Agreement” Is this possible or at least? ‘Most ideas’ With a variable geometry? In search of an answer, Elizabeth Bourne, head of the minority government, began on Monday the grueling task Emmanuel Macron had entrusted her all week.

It was the head of state who on Saturday confirmed his ” trust “ In the premiership after losing an absolute majority in the legislative elections, she hopes to be able to avoid the impasse in the National Assembly, with the immediate aim of successfully completing the government’s bill on purchasing power.

On the president’s return on Thursday from the G7 summits in Germany and NATO in Spain, MI Borne will have to make proposals to him “roadmap” And the “to form a new labor government”that will be implemented In the early days of July.

In the meantime, consultations are being held with the parliamentary blocs again, especially on what is possible “Government Agreement”, as well as to vote on the following provisions of the law. The first to greet on Monday: leaders of the majority groups, Auror Bergé (Renaissance), Jean-Paul Mattei (MoDem) and Laurent Markangeli (Prospects).

At the end of the meeting, Aurora Berge said that she was waiting “Concrete proposals for the various oppositions”indicating that if they “Going in the right direction”it will be “Ready just like the prime minister (…) to me [les] Keep “.

In Les Républicains, it seems that the main formation that the president is heading towards approaches an absolute majority of deputies (289), the new president of this group, Olivier Marleix, says he refuses “to serve as a pillar of power”. On the left, Deputy Nupes-PS Deputy Justice Valerie Rabo ” impossible “ To negotiate the coalition within two days.

Even within the presidential majority, some are skeptical. The modem boss, François Bayrou, doesn’t think so Device Agreements or a “Coalition” Possible with oppositions, but rather believes “Government of good intentions and the majority of ideas”.

The Head of State excluded “La Frances” and the National Assembly from any coalition project, due to their absence, according to him, government parties. LFI’s second-in-command, Adrien Quatennens, confirmed on Sunday that there is no ‘No settlement is possible’ with the majority.