Place Cavet, new hotel, shuttle buses and furnished rentals… Everything you need to know about the last Sanary City Council

A green lung in the heart of the city: Mayor Daniel Alsters confirmed Wednesday evening at the city council, “The city will not accept real estate development” On the Cavet estate, located on the square of the same name. “The green spaces will remain so and will be open to the public.”

Early in 2018, his predecessor Ferdinand Bernard announced that the city would buy this land of about 2,300 square metres, which at the time was owned by Jean Caffee, who was the mayor of Sanary and who gave his father Albert, who died in the war, his name instead of that. : ‘I do not want to leave this property to the desire of developers.’

Since then, the municipality and the EPF (Public Land Foundation, with which the city has renewed a partnership agreement), have purchased four of the six land plots that compose it. The friendly acquisition of the latter two, to control the entire site, is in progress but not completed. ‘Succession is really complicated’The mayor commented.

New project for Portisol Block

Also in relation to the old files, the future of the vast land of the former Kindergarten in Portisol, temporarily converted into a car park, at the corner of Avenue de la Residence and Avenue of Portisol. In 2018, the measure was launched to provide service housing, cinema, parking and social housing. But “It did not work and no longer corresponds, except for the parking lot, with the objectives of the municipality.”.

So the program has been modified and “It will result in a construction project to expand the old center in which the building is built in a continuous arrangement based on a functional mix: houses and shops”. What worried opponent Elisabeth Moser: How many floors will future construction include? First assistant Patricia Aubert still ignores it: “The project has not been decided yet, we open a new blank page today.” But to confirm that the car park in the future will be underground.

“You will not have skyscrapers!The mayor’s discussion was shortened. And another parking lot, you should rejoice.”

The gaming casino will build a 3-star hotel opposite the Intermarché

The building permit must be submitted before 30 September. The Vikings group will build a hotel in Sanary, as planned at the Public Service Delegation signed in 2010. It will be a three-star hotel with sixty rooms. It will not be located right next to the gaming casino, but not far from it, in the Pau region, opposite the Intermarché d’Ollioules.

The hotel will be owned by the city. The land was chosen for its proximity to the intersection of the motorway and the train station, which the municipality acquired and would make available to the Vikings. “Sanary City will own this hotel”mentioned Luc Le Burgin, Group President, who attended at the beginning of the board to present the franchise report.

“This represents a capital of 4 million euros, which is added to the 9.5 million for the construction of the casino, which also belongs to the municipality.” The work must be completed within 31 months of submitting the permit, that is, no later than April 2025.

What’s new in Sanary?

Shuttle buses to reach the grand market
Every Wednesday from July 6 to August 31, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., the urban community Sud Sainte Baume will organize a shuttle, with shuttle buses every quarter hour between Winter Garden and downtown. The municipality will provide this service, which will allow motorists to reach the big market more easily, without traffic or parking problems.

> New rules for furnished tourist accommodation
Landlords who temporarily rent out their main or secondary residence to tourists, beware! From January 1, 2023, it will be necessary to apply for a change of use to the Town Hall, from the first night of the rental. This announcement will allow you to get the registration number, which is now necessary to present your accommodation on seasonal rental platforms.

The main construction site in Portisol
Work has already begun on Avenue de la Colline and will eventually cover the entire Portissol area. This huge project is not only about extending the water and fiber network, but also burying the electricity and communication networks and rehabilitating the lighting network. Business led by the agglomeration community, which is valued at the municipality’s responsibility over 850,000 euros including taxes.

> Redevelopment of Al-Sham Park
Recent winter storms have shown that the current rupture at the edge of the Esplanade parking lot, which has deteriorated, is no longer playing its protective role. The conglomerate community would like to take over a portion of it and create a shelter wall. The city’s opportunity to redevelop the Corniche de Levante. At the current stage of studies, the work is estimated at around 190,000 euros, including tax, at the expense of the municipality.

> New Bandol Road Roundabout
We’ve been talking about it for a long time, and the file is progressing! A new roundabout will be well placed on the Route de Bandol, at the intersection with Chemin des Roches and Avenue du Prado. A financial agreement between the department, the municipality, and the agglomeration community has been approved by the council for these purposes. No timetable has been reported yet.

> Public Pine Forest at Beaucours
The city wants the listed wooded area of ​​about 3,700 square metres, located between La Pinède nursing home and La Bergeronnette residence, in the Beaucours district, to become publicly available. To do this, she asked the Varroa Logis family, who held a lease of this land, to give her a pine forest. who before him. “We have started to clean up this space, we will renovate it and the most dangerous pines will be cut down for safety before it is opened to the public,” the mayor said.