Promotions are piling up on washing machines at Cdiscount!

Have you abandoned your washing machine, or do you want to buy a new one when moving house approaches? That’s good, summer sales are here. On this occasion, take the opportunity to outfit yourself with an excellent model without breaking the bank!

Save and take advantage of the latest deals and tips to buy at the best price.

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For the summer sale, Futura has selected the best washing machine deals available at Cdiscount.

The best promotions on washing machines during the summer sale 2022

Porthole Washing Machine Offers

  • Hotpoint AQ114D497SDEUN Aqualtis (11 kg) in 374.99 euros instead of 699.99 euros (using promo code 25D249CD)
  • Candy CSS1410TWMCBE-47 (10 kg) in 324.99 euros instead of 467.50 euros (Use the code 25D249CD to take advantage of the promotion)
  • Samsung Ecobubble WW90TA046AX (9 kg) in €454.99 instead of €699 (Thanks to the code 25D249CD)
  • Haier HW07CPW14639N (7 kg) in 314.99 euros instead of 399 euros (code 25D249CD to use)

Top washer advance

  • Whirlpool TDLR6030LFR / N Essential (6 kg) at €274.99 instead of €431.57 (with promo code 25D249CD)
  • Whirlpool TDLR65231FR White (6.5 kg) in 334.99 euros instead of 499.99 euros (according to the code 25D249CDto take advantage of the offer)
  • Indesit BTWL7220FR / N (7 kg) in 324.99 euros instead of 599.99 euros (Take advantage of the discount with the promo code 25D249CD)
  • Candy CST 272DE / 1-47 (7 kg) in 260.60 euros instead of 449 euros (Discount applies with the code 25D249CD)

Connected washing machines are on the rise

We can’t really say that innovations abound in the washing machine market, so when there are innovations, we take notice! Just like the rest of the home appliances, washing machines are starting to get smart and offer connected features. Connected washing machines use an internet connection to help you multitask. In general, you can control washing machines from your smartphone using an application. Besides remote control and monitoring, the app usually provides information on how to wash clothes and maintain your appliances.

How to choose the right washing machine?


It is worth paying attention to energy savings over the life of any household appliance. The more efficient the device, the less water is used. All washing machines must carry a label indicating their power rating. This is a series of stars and a number indicating the total number of kilowatt-hours per year (kWh/year) used to operate the washing machine. Some manufacturers separate kWh into hot wash and cold wash, but they are only required to give you the hot wash number.

Washers that have a hot and cold water inlet, but no internal heater (usually overhead washers) will include an estimate of the energy used by your home’s water utility to heat the wash water, as well as the energy used by the washer itself.


Is your family growing? Will the children grow up and move? Have you bought a king size bed and need to wash the comforter? If you’re washing oversized or bulky clothes, consider a large capacity washer. Despite their large size, large capacity appliances can be just as energy efficient as a mini washer, and can offer the same functions and wash cycles as conventional models. Tank capacity refers to the inside of the tank and is measured in cubic metres.


How much space do you have for your washer and dryer? In addition to the hardware itself, you need space to fully open the doors. There are both stackable and combo washer/dryer options. If you have a top washer and are considering a slot washer, make sure there is enough room to open the door completely.

Noise reduction

Where will the washing machine be located? A quiet machine is essential if it is close to where you live or sleep. Make sure the machine reduces vibration, and look for additional insulation and improved suspension to reduce noise.

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