purchasing power. Buying Food: Tips and Tricks to Lower the Bill

While waiting for better days, consumers tighten their belts. And check the prices. 58% of French are filling their cart now…within €10, or less, compared to 46% in 2021, according to Ipsos’ latest in-store media barometer.

As for food, there is no magic bullet to escape high prices, but there are a few tips to know to lower the bill.

For example, it is possible to turn to the “anti-waste” sections of supermarkets, which sometimes offer products that are slightly damaged or have a very close expiration date. This can relate to yogurt, meat, cheese, drinks, fruits and vegetables… and discounts from -20% to -50%.

purchasing power Buying Food Tips and Tricks to Lower the
For smart consumption and reduce the monthly budget, you can also use all the tools available. Photo of Le Progrès / Solange RECORBET

Websites and apps that help you save money

In the waste management department, many recent applications have emerged. It is free and can be downloaded to your phone. Too Good To Go, Phenix or Optimiam allow you to collect unsold items of the day offered, near you, by partner merchants (supermarkets, restaurants, caterers, chains). All at a discount. This solution is good for the planet and good for the wallet, yet it requires a bit of flexibility and curiosity because the content of the order is not known in advance. These are Surprise Baskets.

Thanks to geolocation, Zéro Gâchis identifies participating brands that are close to you. All you have to do is select the option of your choice (Auchan, Intermarché, Leclerc, Super U, Carrefour, etc.) and you will get a list of products for sale that are about to expire. Purchase is not possible via the app. You have to go to the supermarket, towards the corner of Zéro-Gâchis where these unsold items are collected.

Wholesaling, Sale, Short Appointments… Our Money-Saving Tips

To expand the idea of ​​fighting food waste, there are apps that help you at home. Keeping Eat saves ingredients from your cupboards. The free platform offers cooking solutions without wastage. And also everyday, simple and quick recipes, customized and adapted to the contents of your refrigerator, a hundred of which are 100% anti-waste. Same principle with FrigoMagic.

Compare prices

It is often said, the first thing to do is compare prices. Le Progrès and the consumer association “UFC que Choisir” have developed a price comparison that lists the prices of 25 consumer products per day in the Rhône, Loire and Ain provinces. All on seven marks for a grand distribution. Prices are updated monthly. It is already possible to compare prices in May and June.

Note that there is also a comparison tool, via an online interactive map on our site, that lists service stations offering the best rates near you.

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More and more consumers are building their food according to promotions. Advance Photo / Richard Melloud

Searching for boredom

Major retailers regularly announce discounts with great publicity. The anti-crise.fr website collects all advertising publications of your favorite stores and promotional catalogs of major brands. Through this site, you can search for useful promotions according to the brand, department, brand and even the type of discount. You can also print coupons offered by brands. The two are cumulative.

If the payment is effective on the invoice, keeping track of promotions, and tracking coupons takes a lot of time.

Other sites: mavieencouleurs.fr For a large selection of discount coupons on everyday products, especially foods (cakes, pasta, etc.). As on couponnetwork.fr for food and enviedeplus.com for many coupons on hygiene and maintenance items (detergents, toothpaste, diapers, etc).

Buying Food Online: A Quick Solution

If the phenomenon exploded with the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and successive cases of confinement, it has continued since then. Including food that saw an “engine” explosion. In the inflationary context, consumers continue to turn to e-commerce sites. First and foremost because it makes it easy to control your budget.

This food e-commerce craze mainly takes advantage of different retail platforms. Sector leaders, E.Leclerc, Carrefour and Lidl, rely on attractive prices and fast delivery.

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Cashback test and refund on purchase

In addition to the system of benefits granted via loyalty cards or apps from the store where you shop, cashback (cashback) can allow you to earn a few euros.

Shopmium is the most popular cashback app. Its principle is simple: simply submit your photo receipt via the app and you will be partially compensated for the products in question, directly to your bank account or to your Paypal account.

Quoty works on the same principle as Shopmium when it comes to cashback. You shop in the store and as soon as you pay, you scan the barcode of the receipt before sending a photo directly to the app. You will then be compensated for a portion of your shopping list within 48 hours. The app also lists printable discount coupons and distributor promotions catalogs.

Same principle at Igraal Market. With this app that pays a few cents of a euro on certain products, you accumulate 20 euros in your chest and you can then transfer it to your bank account.

Finally, be aware that there are applications on which you apply to test products and in return, they are offered. Example: Carrefour has an app called “My Opinion Makes It Free”. A consumer tester gets products for free if they give their opinion via a survey.

Practical: Some tips to better manage your food budget

– Start preparing your lists and thus write your shopping list before going to the stores. Avoid shopping right before lunch or dinner.

– Buy what is absolutely necessary without falling into the trap of promotions which are certainly attractive but often conflict with the real nutritional needs of children. It’s tricky because the latter is often attracted to targeted ads on screens.

Always keep essential products at home such as milk, butter, eggs, pulses, cans of uncooked (or frozen) vegetables, tuna, mackerel, and sardines.

– Preferring local and seasonal products by going to markets, for example, or producers’ stores, as much as possible. The products last longer and are often of better quality than they are in some supermarkets and are more affordable. Other sources of supply: Amap (Associations for the Conservation of Agrarian Agriculture) and all associations that provide home delivery services.

Plant proteins are generally less expensive than animal proteins: it is recommended to eat meat twice a week. It is better for health, environment and wallet.