Quiberon – Quiberon: Operation “Plage morte” on 2 July in the face of the housing crisis

In Brittany, the number of second homes has more than tripled in the past 50 years, driving up property prices: in 2021, rents for furnishings in our region increased the most in France (+ 20%), an increase that exceeds up to 30% in Morbihan.

The development of short-term rentals, via platforms such as Airbnb, as well as the coronavirus crisis, have contributed to the further increase in prices. Suffice it to say, it is increasingly difficult to find housing for low-income people, young adults or families living in the area.

Secondary residences in the viewfinder

The Dispatch Group has been mobilizing this issue since 2018 all over Brittany. He decided to do his next job, on July 2, in Quiberon. The city is already the most sought after in Brittany on the Airbnb platform. 70% of its dwellings are second homes or empty homes. Unacceptable situation of Dispatch spokesperson Ioan Tebod: “Everyone agrees on the observation but the inaction of elected officials is total, except for the rare municipalities. We need a proactive policy and return power to the local population. Too many elected officials have settled on an economic model focused on second homes.

For this, one of the first measures that Dispatch called for would be for a “stress zone” status, which would allow for a framework and a cap on rents as well as an increase in the housing tax on second homes. But to get this status, the demand must come from the elected officials themselves.

Bringing power back to the locals

What Despat also denounces is the breakdown of local life. “Improvement is on the rise, and many of our towns and villages are in hibernation almost all year and see their public services disappear: it is increasingly difficult to highlight local dynamics or initiatives,” adds Ewan Tibod. To return power to the local population, Dipatch’s group has gone so far as to suggest that non-residents have the right to vote year-round withdrawn. Resident status is required to facilitate access to property or rent for people living in the territory.

To promote their ideas, the members of the Dispatch group will be launching their summer campaign in Quiberon at noon on July 2nd. In the program, Operation Dead Beach where everyone is invited to come in their tent for scenography needs… and to prevent it from becoming a necessity!