Ranking of the most attractive cities to buy in Ile-de-France

Milly-la-Forêt, a charming little town in the heart of the Gâtinais Regional Natural Park (southeast of Essonne), would be the most attractive town in the current Ile-de-France region to become its owner. Anyway, this was revealed by an unpublished arrangement published by the National Estate Association (Fnaim) Grand Paris. This ranking has been prepared behind the scenes for the network for several months, and thus this ranking compares nearly 300 municipalities located in all Ile-de-France departments, with the exception of Seine-et-Marne. Small precision: In order to refine the analysis, the city of Paris was studied by circuit.

This ranking was made for cities (and the provinces of Paris) according to twelve different criteria of attractiveness: the quality of accommodation in the location, its average prices, accessibility to transportation, schools, health institutions, business life, security in the municipality, the rate of employment in the city, life cultural, environmental quality, average income of city residents or local taxes. For each criterion, a score was assigned from 1 to 10 by Fnaim Grand Paris, before being weighted by a multiplier between 1 and 3. The total scores obtained for each city were then aggregated in order to build a map of the most attractive cities in Ile-de-France, available On the Fnem de Grand Paris website. This compilation of observations also made it possible to establish two attractiveness ratings of cities: the first takes into account local real estate prices in terms of attractiveness, and the second does not.

Ranking of the most attractive cities to buy in Ile de France
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Sophisticated methodology

This is the first time that Fnaim Grand Paris has published a city attraction map to the general public. “The beginnings of this project were laid in 2017, but the criteria have been revised in the meantime to make the card more relevant,” says Olivier Principal, Vice President of Funim Grand Paris. Each standard, and network details, was created by summarizing data published by Insee, the Ministry of National Education and Youth, the Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, the Ministry of Environmental Transformation, the Ministry of the Interior and Ile. -Study of the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry and of course the Municipal Councils.

“We do not intend to produce this kind of statistics ourselves. We simply used existing data to build our rating system,” explains Fnaim Grand Paris. Thus, data such as municipal unemployment rate, baccalaureate results, GP counts, hospital beds, cultural and sports venues or even property and housing taxes, for example, have been used to build its methodology.

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Whoever said that the first publication of the map also suggests… a future update. Thus, the network promises, during the year 2023, to add a new standard based on the evolution of real estate prices between the first year of publication and the following years. The Fnaim Grand Paris also plans to present a focus on the development of attractiveness of the municipalities that will be affected by the opening of future lines 15, 16, 17 and 18 of the Grand Paris Express.