Rental Permit: Chartres declares war on slum landlords and fights substandard housing

With the rental license, Charter wants to fight improper housing and the hunt for landlords in slums.
With the rental license, Charter wants to fight improper housing and the hunt for landlords in slums. (© City of Chartres)

What solutions are within the reach of communities to work for the benefit of tenants who have no choice but to live in unhealthy and unworthy housing and chase landlords in slums? As in 400 other French cities, chartered, In Eure-et-Loir will present rental licenseeffective September 1, 2022.

From the beginning of the next academic year, any owner who has a rental housing in the area Inside the bridges charter, that is, in the city center and in the lower town, they will have to apply for permission to rent out their housing. This will matter 500 places to stayspread over approximately 155 buildings in the area covered by the rental permit.

Agents charged with determining if housing is adequate

Karen Durang, Deputy Mayor in charge of Town Planning and Works who, along with other elected officials, “visited two city health service agents between eight and fifteen days after the form was submitted,” explains the device for real estate professionals. Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

The purpose of this process is to fight against the undeserved housing rented by “sleeping merchants” and landlords who disregard the applicable legislation, to the enterprise to have a better knowledge of the state of private rental property and also for the improvement of the state of the private rental properties being offered for rent.

Many of the old residences in the heart of the city offer unsatisfactory living conditions, due to lack of maintenance or modernization of interior spaces or buildings, or due to deterioration of buildings due to recent climatic influences.

ChartresI communicated

To preserve buildings in the heart of the city

The recent diagnosis of buildings in the heart of the city also reveals serious cases of obsolescence, even unsanitary housing, which can amount to habitat abandonment “sometimes affecting entire buildings”.

“90% of landlords in Chartres are respectable,” notes the elected official who, with Permis in rent, the remaining dwellings, unsanitary and generally rented by more vulnerable people, identifies buildings whose exposure to a threatening order can be avoided and the residents to move quickly.

Most of the noticeable deterioration of housing in the city center could have been avoided if the necessary works had been carried out in a timely manner. This device will allow us to avoid emergency situations related to unsanitary housing, and to help preserve buildings in the heart of the city.

Karen DurangeVice Mayor of Chartres

What does the rental permit depend on?

For the owners, the process is completely free, as well as visiting agents who will check, at the place of residence, if the volume of rooms meets the legislation (at least living volume ≥ 20 cubic meters), proper ventilation, heating system and proper installation of electrical equipment.

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If the rental permit is refused, the landlord must do work To be able to provide his accommodation to the tenant. He must renew this CERFA form at the end of the lease if it has been for more than two years.

Note that since the beginning of the year, Six buildings in Chartres They are currently in Urgent Security and four others are in Ordinary Security in the heart of the city.

What do landlords who drive without a rental license offer?

Forgetting to apply for a rental permit is subject to a fine of up to 5,000 euros. In the event of another breach within three years, the maximum amount of this fine is increased to 15,000 euros for your rental property despite the decision to refuse the authorization request is also subject to a fine of up to 15,000 EUR,” as the City of Chartres statement notes in a press release.


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