Summer 2022 is greener without Airbnb in Lyon

With the arrival of summer and the opening of the summer season, the Eco-Municipality of Lyon and the various tourist offices in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region have announced the main measures to be taken to develop more sustainable tourism and put themselves first. A tourist destination that will be discovered in the world in 2022.

Summer 2022 is greener without Airbnb in Lyon

Among the main provisions adopted by the authorities are the adoption of restrictive measures against tourist rental platforms such as Airbnb and Abritel as well as highlighting the historical, cultural, geographical and above all gastronomic heritage of the region.

With nearly 6 million visitors annually, the City of Lights recently took home first prize at the World Travel Awards and second European Urban Destination award thanks to, among other things, the quality of accommodation presentation and transportation, restoration but also efforts to highlight a UNESCO-listed heritage . With 36% of its revenue linked to leisure tourism and 66% to business tourism, the capital of Gaul particularly relies on communications to advertise available offerings.

A new tourism plan geared towards sustainable tourism

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For Virginia Carton, General Manager of ONLYON Tourism and Conventions, several actions have already been initiated to enable the Lyon metropolitan area to establish itself as the first sustainable destination for exhibitions and conventions in France. Le nouveau schéma directeur du tourisme s’appuie donc principalement sur le renforcement de l’équilibre entre les différentes destinations lyonnaises ainsi qu’entre les voyages d’affaires et de loisirs, étant donné que sen la clientèresé repé étra Region.

Environmentally friendly and more benign practices should also be encouraged in various professional sectors related to sustainable tourism, including, among others, the development of bicycle transport or the promotion of local brands such as Lion Cork.

Develop a more comprehensive accommodation offer

For this new tourist season, any individual wishing to rent furnished tourist accommodation (Apartment A) will have to create another accommodation (Apartment B) nearby. By favoring real estate speculation and rising rents, the proliferation of rents for furnished tourist accommodations creates unfair competition for hoteliers and deprives some of Lyon’s residents of their accommodation, especially in the hyper-centre.

Thus, to enhance access to housing during holiday periods, tourists wishing to rent furnished accommodation for more than 120 days in the capital of the Greeks would have to participate indirectly in granting housing to the people of Lyon. A blow to so many holiday rental brokerage platforms in France that you should see their Lyon offering melt like snow in the sun.

The capital of Gaul: imbalance between economic tourism and leisure tourism

Lyon, which is also France’s second largest city in terms of conferences and business events, aspires to highlight other aspects of its tourism wealth, such as its sidewalks, architectural heritage, museums or even hotel offering, in order to develop greater leisure tourism. Specialists believe that leisure tourism in the Lyon region is still 75% French, and a significant proportion of it is attributed to domestic tourism.

Thus, supporting the functions of tourism and event organizers as well as promoting the eco-labels of hotels are also among the priorities of the new Tourism Master Plan for Lyon.

Tourist offer in line with the city of Lyon for the Rodanian department

In the Rhone department, hiking, the tradition of grape-growing, local cuisine, and also and above all festivals and cultural events of this summer season are highlighted. For Jean-Louis Vazette, General Manager of Rhône Tourisme, the presentation of the department should be developed in conjunction with the Métropole de Lyon. So a large series of cultural events were set up around key sites around Lyon, including Beaujolais, Mont de Lyonnais, Vallon de Lyon, and Vienne Condrio, among others.

Mobile home tourism: the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is the fourth most popular destination

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Mobile home owners spend an average of 56 euros per day, and contribute 1.3 billion euros to the French tourist economy during the summer season. Of the 560,000 French mobile homeowners questioned through the barometer, more than 12% said they wanted to spend their summer vacation in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, with a preference for Ardèche, Puy-de-Dôme, Cantal and Haute-Savoie. Mobile home owners, who plan on stays of 4 weeks, rely on June-September to take advantage of the region’s most attractive tourism offers and events.