Summer Sale: The best promotions in the garden

Summer has arrived, but is your garden ready to welcome the warm season as it should? To make the most of sunny days, nothing beats home. If you are looking for the latest tips to prep your outward appearance, you have come to the right place. On the occasion of the summer 2022 sale, many retailers are offering equipment at reduced prices.

Save and take advantage of the latest deals and tips to buy at the best price.

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Barbecue, relaxation, swimming, games… With so many activities to do in your garden, setting yourself up can quickly become costly! Discover our selection of the best deals to save money this summer.

The best garden offers during the summer sale 2022

  • Bestway Lay Z Spa Inflatable Baga V €274.99 instead of €394.95 (Thanks to the promo code 25D249CD)
  • MSPA’s Inflatable Spa 325 euros instead of 399 euros (using Code 25D249CD)
  • Bestway Power Steel™ gathers in 384.99 euros instead of 624.95 euros (Take advantage of the discount code 25D249CD)
  • Bestway pool robot in 424.99 euros instead of 550 euros (code 25D249CD Must be applied to take advantage of the discount)
  • Charcoal BBQ Mike V 89.99 euros instead of 149 euros
  • Suntec Electric Barbecue 134.95 euros instead of 299.95 euros (Get the discount using Code 15D149CD)
  • Baia Garden Lounge (6 seats) in 362.02 euros instead of 398.99 euros(use the Code 25D249CD)
  • Baja modular garden furniture in 440.59 euros instead of 479.99 euros (Thanks to the code 25D249CD)

Outdoor barbecues, how do you choose the ideal model for you?

If you plan to use the grill regularly, consider investing a little more in a premium model that will last longer and come with a longer warranty. If you plan to use your grill occasionally, choose a less expensive portable grill, as it is ideal for small outdoor spaces, and is generally lightweight and easy to clean.

You also have to take into account the barbecue’s power source. Gas (usually propane) barbecues have various advantages:

  • Simple ignition at the push of a button results in an instantaneous flame that allows you to start cooking in about 10 minutes.
  • It is easier to cook food more evenly with less risk of burning.
  • Low maintenance: simple cleanup and no charcoal ash to dispose of.
  • In some models, multiple burners allow you to cook at different temperatures, which is ideal for cooking different foods.
  • Other cooking options include side burners (useful for sauces or veggies) and heating racks which are great for garlic bread and keeping batches of grilled food warm.

Traditional charcoal barbecues do not have to be discarded, and they provide unique advantages:

  • The heat from the glowing coals gives the food a classic barbecue look.
  • On most models, you only need to raise or lower the grill to adjust the heat.
  • It is relatively easy to light up and burns cleanly.
  • Some models are equipped with a one-touch cleaning system and a removable ash pan, which greatly facilitates the cleaning process.

Pools and spas are the kings of the season, but how do we choose between them?

Swimming Pool Advantages

In general, swimming pools and spas are similar in many ways. In fact, there are many indoor hot tubs that mimic the look and feel of swimming pools when not in use. You can even keep the water cool in your spa if you want it to act like a swimming pool.

Also worth noting are the swimming spas, which are great for those who want to add an element of fitness to their spa routine. A swimming spa is like a fitness pool, giving spa owners the ability to take a dip and make the most of their active lifestyle while enjoying the benefits of hot tubs and pools. There are many differences in the market, but understanding the basic differences and costs will help you make your final decision!

Hot tub benefits

The benefits of owning an outdoor hot tub are many. Hydrotherapeutic massage improves blood circulation, relieves pain and reduces joint pain. By taking a daily shower, owners of hot tubs often find that the quality of their sleep improves dramatically and the pain disappears. Even if you’re not looking for some form of pain relief, owning a spa to get the relaxing benefits is great. Nothing beats a soothing bath in boiling hot water after a long day at work. The calming effect of water does wonders for your physical and mental health. With hot tubs, maintenance is a breeze.

As long as you buy a quality model, you can spend most of your time enjoying your hot tub, not maintaining it. Our self-cleaning models do most of the work except for occasionally testing the water, adding balancing chemicals, and cleaning the filter several times a year. The outdoor spa can be used in any season, 365 days a year. Enjoy swimming when the snowflakes are falling or the sun is shining, every day is a good time to swim. No matter the size of your garden, there is room for a hot tub. From the cozy and romantic two-seater hot tubs to those that can seat 6 or 7 people, the choice is yours.

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