This IKEA employee tells us a secret that could change

IKEA hides many secrets. The staff reveals each other to help us shop at this Swedish furniture store.

IKEA is the temple of decoration, furniture and good deals for home furnishing and preservation. So, when we go there, we often try to save time and money as well. To make our shopping experience even more magical, employees have revealed their best techniques to make our lives easier.

IKEA: Employees reveal the secret to successful shopping

Some of the banner workers revealed the secret of their shopping success, without wasting time or money. To do this, you must follow certain rules:

Arrive at IKEA in time

The wrong thing not to do is to go to IKEA anytime. According to some employees, coming at all costs on the weekend should be avoided: this is the best time to get impatient and wait for hours to pay for an item. Best is to come between 30 minutes and 1 hour after the doors open. Also, don’t make the mistake of coming right before closing, it will only irritate the weary sellers.

Returns an item in minutes

Did you buy a piece of furniture or a lamp and change your mind? No need to go back to the store and stand in a long line to get it back and get your money back. There is a place near the entrance to the store to return or exchange products.

Order more screws

If the furniture set is delivered with screws, it often happens that we are short or lose some of them during assembly. Plan ahead: When buying your furniture, also buy an extra bag of screws to avoid any disappointments.

How to shop at IKEA without wasting time?

Do you know ? It is possible to get to IKEA without wasting time and money. to avoid getting Lose in IKEA shelves And waiting for hours on Sunday, there are a few tricks to follow. First, Make a list What you really need, while Check availability upstream products. next one, Select Shortcuts and ask for plan From the store to the reception in order to get straight to the point and not wander through the shelves. . do not forget to Download the app To scan items and see prices for some products, but also to take advantage of some current promotions, use your loyalty card, etc.

IKEA: Employees reveal what they shouldn’t do in the store

Some IKEA employees have also revealed the things that annoy them the most and shouldn’t be done in stores anymore. For example, you should never ask them discount their employees To scratch off some promotions or discounts. You also have to avoid crawling into the beds and taking a nap, like this guy who spent two days in an IKEA store without getting caught! Also, employees hate it more than anything customers get rid of Packaging in libraries or trash cans Show IKEA.

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