tourism. Holidays: Dare to swap houses!

To exchange your home, a prerequisite is to go to a specialized site, which allows you to play the role of intermediary between individuals. They make it possible to contact other members, to give an accurate framework for the house exchange and to offer a guarantee, should a problem arise. The leader in this field is the HomeExchange site, which will allow you to find accommodation in France and abroad. You can also call Trocmaison, Intervac or Switchhome.

Expect to find your home

It is expected to go on vacation by exchanging your house. A house swap takes more time than just booking a hotel or renting a vacation spot. It will be necessary to write an advertisement in detail, to allow future guests to highlight themselves in their accommodation. Without forgetting to indicate the comfort of housing, the size of the rooms, the equipment of the house, its location … your housing.

Finding the solid block that meets all of your criteria and matches your holiday dates can take some time. So anticipate your research, which may take several weeks, if you wish to discuss upstream satisfactorily with your future hosts.

Connect with your hosts

When you embark on a home exchange, it is essential to talk with your host and the people you will welcome into your home, to feel confident and come to an agreement. Evaluate, in particular, the presence of pets, the calm that must be respected in the neighborhood, cleaning and any tasks that must be done in the house (garden maintenance, watering plants, etc.). Everything should be clear from the very beginning to avoid unpleasant surprises at that time or after the exchange.

warn your neighbors

It is always a good idea to let your neighbors know when you are swapping your house, especially for several weeks, to avoid anxiety and misunderstanding. It is therefore necessary to inform your neighbors of the process associated with the house exchange and the exact dates during which the other residents will invest in your dwelling. They will also be able to warn you if something goes wrong and will be your eyes and ears if something goes wrong.

Prepare your home

Before lending your dwelling, it is advisable to equip its interior, setting aside all fragile things or things that are important to you to avoid possible breakage or damage. Welcome your guests in the best way possible, by emptying the boxes, arranging the cupboards and the refrigerator. Also, remember to write short notes to help your guests operate your home appliances, garage door, wifi, or air conditioning. Also label keys and keys if necessary, to avoid headaches for your guests and potential calls that could disrupt your vacation!