Tourism tax: Airbnb will pay 468K euros claimed by Oleron Island

A showdown between Airbnb and the Community of Communes on Oléron Island is about to settle…temporarily. The platform, which must then collect and pay the tourism tax to municipalities that have decided to tax travelers, owes money to Charente’s elected officials for 2020 and 2021, according to their attorneys. The CC at Oléron estimated that Airbnb did not transfer to it all stays made during the tourism tax collection period.

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“Technical Error” for 2021

Three months after the case was revealed Le Figaro Airbnb has agreed to pay the full amount claimed by Oléron. or 468,000 euros in total in 2020 and 2021.”For 2021, we found a technical bug related to a data management issueWe get to know her on Airbnb. We fixed it“. For 2020, the platform also planned, in principle, to pay its dues.”We are in good faith and position ourselves in the logic of a partnership with Oléron‘, confirms to Airbnb thatThe tourism tax is paid in more than 29,000 municipalities across France, generating more than 93 million euros in 2021 aloneThis does not prevent the platform from challenging the amount claimed for 2020. Airbnb confirms to figaro After he sent a letter last Friday to the communes on Oleron Island to confirm their dual approach: due process and dues paid.

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Why this dispute? Blame the dispute over the payment system. The communes of Olleron Island have chosen to apply a tourism tax to the package which is paid by each place (hotel, owner, property owner…) and is calculated independently of the number of people accommodated. “However, Airbnb can only collect tourism tax in cities that are registered with the tax authorities and that have introduced a real tax.This is confirmed by the Directorate General of Local Communities, under the Ministry of Interior, in a guide published in June 2021 (page 65). The real tax is paid by the tourist in addition to his night to the host and is calculated by multiplying the price applicable to each category of accommodation in The number of observed nights.According to our information, the lawsuit will amount to more than 100,000 euros.The case is to be pursued in court.