Viewers of Recherche Appartement ou Maison are enraged by M6 who chooses to help a couple with a budget of 1 million euros and who end up not buying a stunning home because of a simple electrical outlet.

This becomes constant in “Find an apartment or house”: m 6 It helps people with fairly comfortable means. After a couple whose budget was 1.1 million euros to buy a house in Antibes a few weeks ago, Stéphane Plaza and his friend Antoine Blandin chose to help expats returning to France in Lille more precisely. The couple, who have two children, have a budget of one million euros. A number that absolutely does not pass with viewers of “Recherche Appartement ou Maison” who would love nothing more than to see people who are really having a hard time finding property on more modest budgets to help teams m 6. There, not many people understood the difficulty of finding property except that they were returning from Canada where they lived in a 370 square meter house and the Lille market is not the same. But since they had lived in Lille before, they didn’t really need help and just had to spend time searching.

So the viewers of “Recherche Appartement ou Maison” were angry, but they did not finish their sentence. Because while the husband is in Los Angeles on a business trip, his wife visits the property and every time something goes wrong. She wants an apartment but in a secluded area with green spaces, her children want a house. If the price of one or two properties is a little too expensive, around 950,000 euros, then the last property offered by Stephane Plaza will make this somewhat weary woman fall in love. And this is very good because it is an apartment-style house in a green area at an incredible price: 750,000 euros. There is not much work to do because the architect took care of everything beforehand. A person feels happy and looks well in this beautiful building. There is even a BUT: No garage. Well, it is true that it can be a problem to find a place to park your car near your house every day, but that does not seem to be a reason to decline an offer. Well, because the couple owns a hybrid that requires an electrical outlet for charging. Finally reuniting in front of Stéphane Plaza, husband and wife will report their refusal to the estate agent, thus due to this lack of electrical outlet needed for their car. An argument that increases the despair of those who watched the “search for an apartment or house.”

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