With Shargy.com, Volkswagen Group France wants to launch Airbnb for freight

Version 21/06/2022

Volkswagen Group France: The Wave association is a performance lever for players in the automotive sector

Xavier Chardon, Chairman of the Executive Board of Volkswagen Group France, and Verena Pulcher, Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources and Legal Affairs in particular, share the group’s actions in favor of the feminization of teams.


Changes to the Nissan Central Europe Management Team

Nissan makes a change of management in Central Europe: Xavier Benz takes over the financial department and also becomes the managing director. Susan Ziegler has been appointed Director of Sales effective July 1, 2022.


Hyun Ki Lim is the new CEO of Audi Korea

Effective July 1, 2022, Hyun Ki Lim will take over as CEO of Audi Korea, succeeding Jeff Manring.


Nissan launches the first hybrid car in Europe

2022 is a year rich in Nissan launches, with electric and hybrid cars, starting with the Juke that adopts the same hybrid engine as the Clio and Captur.


BMW is investing nearly €1 billion in the Steyr site in Austria to produce electric motors

(AFP) – German company BMW announced, Monday, an investment of nearly one billion euros in its Austrian plant in Steyr to start production of electric motors there by 2025.


Germany: IG metal union demands wage increase of up to 8%

(Reuters) – IG Metall, Germany’s most influential union, on Monday called for a 7% to 8% wage increase after talks about to begin in the metals and construction, and engineering industry, which includes some 3.9 million employees.


Conference: Deciphering the new European car distribution regulations

Do not miss the conference organized by Autoactu.com, on June 28, on the new rules for the distribution of cars, with the exceptional participation of a representative of the DG competition of the European Commission.

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Renault and the Minth Group will manufacture the battery boxes at Reuters

Renault is adding a new stage in the production of equipment for electric vehicles in its electrical division. The manufacturer will produce the battery case there with the Chinese company Minth Group.


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Europcar CEO departs under new governance

(AFP) – European Car Mobility Group’s current CEO, Caroline Barrott, is leaving the company as part of a management shake-up of the group acquired by a consortium led by German carmaker Volkswagen, stakeholders announced Thursday.


Fastned charging stations come to town

The Dutch group Fastned, which has so far deployed express charging stations on French highways, has signed its first contract to construct two charging hubs in the areas of commercial activity, near Melun and Sainte-Geneviève- Woodland.


Cetelem launches 10-year LOA for low-income families

Personal Finance from BNP Paribas (Cetelem brand) extends the term of its letters of credit to 10 years to provide affordable monthly rents to low-income families, thus enabling them to acquire new or used Crit’Air 0 or 1 cars to have access to processing zones exports.


Ionity switches to kilowatt-hour billing in France

Marking the opening of its 100th fast charging station in France, Ionity has announced that it will switch from billing per minute to payment per kWh, at a rate of €0.39/kWh for its 50 kW stations and €0.69/kWh for its 350 kW stations.


Fast Shipping: Power Dot raises 150 million euros to develop in France

The operator of fast charging stations, Power Dot, announced yesterday that it has raised 150 million euros from the French infrastructure fund Antin. Mathieu Deschamps, France and Director of Power Dot Belux, reveals his ambitions to spread driven by this significant financial contribution.


Cars: France Assureurs want to remove the green label

(AFP) – France Assureurs boss Florence Lustmann insisted Tuesday that the green label certifying car insurance is no longer necessary and should be scrapped.


ALD Automotive achieves record margins on reselling its used cars

(AFP) – Car rental company ALD sold its cars in the first quarter with profits of more than 3,100 euros per vehicle in an extremely tense market for used cars, according to figures published Thursday.