Your property can be rented during the Olympics, but under certain conditions –

The 2024 Olympics ticket office will open at the end of the year

The Paris 2024 Summer Olympics It will take place from Friday 26 July to Sunday 11 August 2024. The Paralympic Games will follow and will take place from Wednesday 28 August to Sunday 8 September 2024. About 35 different locations will host events, in Paris, in Ile-de-France, but also in Lille. The cities of Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Nice and Marseille will host football matches.

In anticipation of this event, some realtors are already wondering about the possibility Offer their housing for rent during the summer of 2024. A strategy that can pay off big. In 2016, Rio de Janeiro did not have enough hotels to accommodate 500,000 tourists. The price of rental housing was about 185 euros. Four years ago, in London, it cost about 401 for one night in an Airbnb accommodation.

At the moment, it is still difficult to know the prices of private housing in France. Note, however, that the ticket office is supposed to open at the end of 2022. After that, sales and raffles will take place in 2023.

Furnished tourist rental: rules to be followed

if at the moment, The municipality of Paris has not yet made any specific arrangementsHowever, she wants to remember some rules. Only owners can submit files main residence for rent in Limit 120 days per year. In advance, it is necessary to submit an online advertisement. Tenants can also offer their accommodation to sublet, provided they have a written agreement from the landlord. For dwellings located in condominiums, the owners must ensure that the furnished tourist rent is not Does not conflict with common property regulations.

Violators incur a fine of €50,000, to which an extra €1,000 may be added for each additional day of rent.

As confirmed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), everything is currently deployed to accommodate authorized personnel (media, committee member, partners, etc.). This is not less than 40,000 homes were selected for each city. Therefore, tourists should only approach individuals. On the subject, Les Echos points out that it may be appropriate to suggest that short term lease contracts From the summer of 2023, in order to play with the date of departure of the tenant and thus provide accommodation at the time of the Olympic Games. In any case, be sure to offer a neat and clean accommodation with minimal services and equipment.